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The Perfect Last Minute Eco-Friendly Gifts!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Wrapping up your holiday shopping? Here is a list of #quick buys for your friends and family.. all for under $25.00!

The holidays are in full swing! The spiked circulation that our economy receives this time every year is very important in keeping everything flowing, but sometimes we can feel pressure to keep spending based on the vision that has been created by others around us. The best times of our life come from surrounding ourselves with love, and showing others we appreciate them is what brings us true joy. Take control by being thoughtful in your own way! We composed this list of items that are easy to buy and affordable in case you need help along the way.

Don't forget to ditch the traditional throw away gift bags for a super cute reusable shopping bag this year.. it's a gift inside of a gift, and they usually cost about the same.

Prove you are a wrapping master by using the local newspaper in a eye catching and creative way. They will love it!

1.) Brita Water Bottle - $20.00

The perfect gift, especially for those who are always on the run or set out to travel in the new year! Spark excitement with this simple gift. This water bottle cleans and purifies to make tap water more enjoyable and safe. Grab one at all major stores, like Target or Walmart.

2.) The Garment District Gift Card - $25.00

Need an excuse to get lost in Cambridge with your friends this winter? Give the gift of exploration with the Garment District, which is one of our favorite second hand stores in the area.

"Just a short walk from the Kendall/MIT Red Line T station in Cambridge, The Garment District is a large and unique retail clothing store, stocking all styles of women’s and men’s new and used clothes, shoes, and accessories. With over 12,000 square feet of retail space bursting with more than 40,000 unique items at any given time, you’ll always find a large assortment of options at affordable prices."

Spark your creativity & check it out!

3.) DavidsTEA (Loose Leaf) peachy clean - $10.98

We all know a tea sipper. What is a better, sweet and affordable gift than some loose leaf tea? With plenty of locations in the Boston area, this is an easy spot to hit right before the holidays. With a reusable tin added, this gift is super eco-friendly! Find a store near you by clicking here.

4.) The Flexitarian Table = $9.99-$21.99

With the growing number of flexitarians that are emerging, this book is bound to please someone in your circle! This type of book is great for those who recognize the importance of incorporating a healthy lifestyle, rather than trying different fad diets.. maybe they will even share their newly treasured, secret recipes with you. Swoop a hardcover with express shipping from Barnes & Nobles (up until 12/23/2019), or gift it to your loved ones NOOK instantly.

5.) Flower from NETA in Brookline MA - $15.00

With marijuana being legal in Massachusetts, give the gift of flower to be enjoyed in our "mommy/daddy quiet time". If you've been to this shop, you know how busy it gets. Luckily, you can order ahead and pick up in store!

6.) Want a gift that has the feel-good spirit of home infused?

Check out more affordable gifts from the Holiday CR[EAT]OR Market, which is supporting a huge mix of vendors all the way until Sunday, December 22, 2019.


Cinderbella's Eco Cleaning

Still looking for that one gift that is garunteed to wow them? Cinderbella's Eco Cleaning offers gift certificates that are easy to set up over the phone.

This gift is perfect for families or couples that want to spend more time together in the weeks to come! We will deliver the gift to you or your loved one before Christmas. Give us a call or text today! (617) 237-0712

We wish you and your family ease, joyfulness, and peace this holiday season!


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